2013 Goals

I’m off to a better start this year, posting my goals in the first week of January (instead of March, like last year). My friend asked me to sum up 2012 in one word. At first I said accomplished, thinking of the bigger things that occurred – becoming a manager, 30th birthday, traveling to Australia – but then I looked at my 2012 goals. Not much is crossed off, so accomplished might not be the best word.

Of what I did accomplish… I finally found a kickball league to join. In fact, I started off by captaining a team with one of my best guy friends. We didn’t do so great, but it definitely gave me the kickball bug again. That team went defunct, but fortunately I got asked to join a different team, Holy Balsak. Everyone on the team is awesome and we’re a lot better on the field. I’m actually starting my second season with them in just a couple weeks.

I also ran another half marathon – Denver Rock ‘n’ Run – started giving blood again and went to a new music festival – Outside Lands in San Francisco. Going to Australia was the bucket list item I was able to cross off, thanks to my employer, who sent me there to train a new editorial manager.

Also thanks to my employer, I was given the opportunity to get CPR certified in the company’s dime. But I didn’t make time to take the online course, so it’ll have to be one of 2013’s goals. Here are the rest:

  • Don’t be two-faced
  • Devote myself to the genuine, positive people in my life
  • Call my mom more
  • Get CPR certified  (I’m already registered, so I just need to make time for the class)
  • Get professional photos taken
  • Find and try out a new bar/restaurant/lounge each month
  • Stop biting my nails
  • Snowboard somewhere new (Vail in January!)
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Be more punctual to work (i.e. 8:55, not 9:05)
  • Lose weight
  • Make smarter food and eating choices
  • Try surfing again
  • Try skateboarding again
  • Get out of debt (again)
  • Check off at least one item on my bucket list
  • Start playing the guitar again (at least twice a month)
  • Run another half marathon
  • Stop hitting snooze
  • Master the crow pose
  • Give up alcohol for Lent

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