Local 360’s Mac & Cheese

Boasting Tillamook and Beecher’s cheeses (plus Dinah’s from Kurtwood Farms) I expected an amazing mac ‘n’ cheese but unfortunately this one fell short. The serving size was good for sharing across a few people who order entrees. It’s enough for one person as an entree itself, but I wouldn’t recommend it just based on myContinue reading “Local 360’s Mac & Cheese”

To disembark or not to disembark, that is the question

It amazes me how intensely people debate on social media and how willing people are to berate friends over status updates and comments. But that’s what our society has become. People can easily hide behind their profiles and argue to the death without having to face their opponents – who may actually be their closeContinue reading “To disembark or not to disembark, that is the question”

Author says there’s no place for alpha females in a relationship

As appeared on NonDoc.com At first, it was my friend’s all-caps, double-exclamation-mark Facebook post that motivated me to look closer at the article she was sharing. But then it was the headline that fully pulled me in: “Society is creating a new crop of alpha women who are unable to love.” Finally, someone had definedContinue reading “Author says there’s no place for alpha females in a relationship”