Memories from Whistler…

Shut your mouth and go eat a Pop Tart • “Sir, is there a reason you’re not walking on the sidewalk?” • Powder Rangers • Whistler while we work • Chef Derrick a.k.a. Christian • German Thomas • being picked up by German Thomas • “Whenever my back hurts I’ll think of you” • splits in the Olympic rings • body shots • obnoxious shivering girl • “that’s what she said” overload • Granville Island Winter Ale • the not-hot hot tub • bath tub party • reading Mother Goose’s nursery rhymes • “Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh” as Tommy walks into a door • The Courtyard a.k.a. the creepy alley • “Lindsay, honey I love you, but we’re never going to get there if you drive this slow” • Expedition Maxx Limited • Lindsay’s stellar deal finding • the girl who lost her bikini bottoms • Tommy’s failing knowledge of anything Whistler • chub • the black hole of death a.k.a. the brown or purple starfish • saying everything in a little-kid voice • Kat and Lindsay’s spats • falling down the stairs • brewery after brewery after brewery • 7th Heaven • Ooooo ooooo ooooo, Charlie Sheen • Little Lion Man • Pa-pa-powder, pa-pa-powder • Whistler Brewing Company’s Black Tusk Ale • Irish car bombs a.k.a. something Dr. Peppers • speed walking around Vancouver • bums smoking crack on the sidewalk • males dancing on bar tops and stripper poles • the extremely intense DJ • a meeting with the man on the street corner • the overrated Roxy • dance floor antics

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