Panera’s Signature Macaroni & Cheese

Although this mac ‘n’ cheese doesn’t fall under the gourmet noodle dishes that many restaurants are trying to exploit and that I’m intent on taste-testing, I had to include it in my Ultimate Mac ‘n’ Cheese Quest because it’s a fairly new addition to Panera’s already extensive menu (less than two years old, which isContinue reading “Panera’s Signature Macaroni & Cheese”

Barney’s Beanery’s Macaroni & Cheese

This mac ‘n’ cheese was one I’ve been looking forward to reviewing for a long time. Even before moving up to Santa Monica, I had visited and fell in love with Barney’s Beanery – a restaurant I’d often call Billy’s Beanery or Johnny’s Beanery, simply because I could never remember the name. So, you canContinue reading “Barney’s Beanery’s Macaroni & Cheese”

Rock Bottom’s Classic Mac ‘n’ Chicken

This is another impromptu inclusion to the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Quest because I met friends for lunch at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery and saw macaroni and cheese on the menu. I didn’t actually order it, but my boyfriend did, so I took every opportunity I could to steal a bite. The restaurant’s “Classic MacContinue reading “Rock Bottom’s Classic Mac ‘n’ Chicken”