A Piece of Cake: A Memoir

I just finished reading this inspirational book about a woman who overcame the death of a parent, childhood abuse, rape, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, miscarriage, hustling, drug dealing, gang-banging, near-death injuries, prostitution and homelessness all before turning 20. After all that, she went back to school, graduated and passed the bar exam. Today, she’s a successful lawyerContinue reading “A Piece of Cake: A Memoir”

The Conspiracy Theory

“So Lindsay, I have this conspiracy theory I think you should blog about.” “Oh yeah? Let’s hear it.” “I really think car companies have the technology and knowledge to create more fuel-efficient cars, they just don’t because it would ripple across so many political alliances and industries. If you think about it, there’s a gasContinue reading “The Conspiracy Theory”

Exhale love

Thanks to research done by Harvard University social scientist Nicholas Christakis and UC San Diego professor James Fowler, we now have evidence that proves “You are the company you keep.” Well, OK, their studies were a bit more scientific than that, but they basically proved that personal qualities and characteristics spread amongst social networks –Continue reading “Exhale love”

I only date tall guys

How I happened upon the book He’s Just Not Your Type was completely random. I’d never actually planned on reading it or even heard of it. And to be quite frank, I thought the title was a bit unoriginal, considering the blockbuster novel and recent movie He’s Just Not That Into You. Nonetheless, I endedContinue reading “I only date tall guys”