wayfarer (n.) A traveler, especially by foot

November 5, 2016 And so it begins…. Today is the day I embark on the journey of a lifetime: Two months off work and an itinerary packed with amazing cities and adventures in South America. Just as when I left work yesterday, for the last time in 2016, I have mixed emotions. I’m incredibly excitedContinue reading “wayfarer (n.) A traveler, especially by foot”

I’m just trying to volunteer people!

October 28, 2016 It’s nearly a week till my trip and, naturally, I’m stressing. Also naturally, I’ve been he uber planner, ironing out many portions of the trip down to the last detail. But those stars that were previously aligning so perfectly started to stray. Aside from long wanting to visit various countries in SouthContinue reading “I’m just trying to volunteer people!”