You know you’re an American in Australia when…

I recently had the amazing opportunity of visiting Australia for two weeks (I can cross that one off my bucket list). Although a majority of my trip was spent working out of my company’s Melbourne office, hanging with Aussies and doing things locals do, I definitely stuck out as an American. You know you’re anContinue reading “You know you’re an American in Australia when…”

I choose forks over knives

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m always watching my weight or attempting some sort of diet. Whether it’s the latest fad diet, like South Beach or the Master Cleanse, or eliminating certain foods, mainly sweets and candy, eating – or trying not to – is always a focus. Soooo, it should come asContinue reading “I choose forks over knives”

I tried to blog my way down under…

I had hoped to post this as an advertisement to vote for my essay in Contiki’s “Blog Your Way Down Under” contest to Australia. But, alas, I didn’t make the finally three, so now I’m just posting this for the heck of it…… I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. Sure, every entrant will probably sayContinue reading “I tried to blog my way down under…”

Memories from Whistler…

Shut your mouth and go eat a Pop Tart • “Sir, is there a reason you’re not walking on the sidewalk?” • Powder Rangers • Whistler while we work • Chef Derrick a.k.a. Christian • German Thomas • being picked up by German Thomas • “Whenever my back hurts I’ll think of you” • splitsContinue reading “Memories from Whistler…”

Exhale love

Thanks to research done by Harvard University social scientist Nicholas Christakis and UC San Diego professor James Fowler, we now have evidence that proves “You are the company you keep.” Well, OK, their studies were a bit more scientific than that, but they basically proved that personal qualities and characteristics spread amongst social networks –Continue reading “Exhale love”