Memories from Whistler…

Shut your mouth and go eat a Pop Tart • “Sir, is there a reason you’re not walking on the sidewalk?” • Powder Rangers • Whistler while we work • Chef Derrick a.k.a. Christian • German Thomas • being picked up by German Thomas • “Whenever my back hurts I’ll think of you” • splitsContinue reading “Memories from Whistler…”

Bums me out

The other day I posted a status update on Facebook – something I’m known for doing quite frequently – not really expecting a response or caring if anyone commented on it. The status was regarding an encounter I’d just had with a homeless person outside my favorite 7-11 in Santa Monica. The incident wasn’t uncomfortableContinue reading “Bums me out”

I only date tall guys

How I happened upon the book He’s Just Not Your Type was completely random. I’d never actually planned on reading it or even heard of it. And to be quite frank, I thought the title was a bit unoriginal, considering the blockbuster novel and recent movie He’s Just Not That Into You. Nonetheless, I endedContinue reading “I only date tall guys”

My Master Cleanse Diary

Day One I didn’t get hungry till noon and then again around 5, and it wasn’t feelings of starvation or horrible hunger pains. Just a slight feeling of wanting something substantial in my stomach. But the rest of the day was. I was extremely tired and cold today, but I don’t know if it’s attributedContinue reading “My Master Cleanse Diary”