I’m just trying to volunteer people!

October 28, 2016 It’s nearly a week till my trip and, naturally, I’m stressing. Also naturally, I’ve been he uber planner, ironing out many portions of the trip down to the last detail. But those stars that were previously aligning so perfectly started to stray. Aside from long wanting to visit various countries in SouthContinue reading “I’m just trying to volunteer people!”

Let’s Talk Why Not: Lindsay Holloway

My silly, dear friend James started a Q&A series via e-mail among a group of former coworkers-turned friends. Each week featured a different member of The Group, aka TG, answering James’ bizarre, quizzical and intimate questions. The week of September 28 was my week… James introducing the Q&A to follow: Good news, you animals! ThisContinue reading “Let’s Talk Why Not: Lindsay Holloway”

The case of the disappearing guy friends

I’m having a hard time coming to terms with all the friends I’ve been losing (or am scared of losing) over recent years – and I’m not talking about the handful of female friends who are no longer in my life following dramatic fallouts. My clear inability to judge strong character and habit of allowingContinue reading “The case of the disappearing guy friends”