2021 Goals

Write one blog post per month (I fail at 2 every year, so dialing it back) Read one book per month FaceTime Baker once/week Snowboard somewhere new (making up for a lost 2020 season: Taos Ski Valley, Sun Valley, Mount Baker, Big Sky) Visit a new national park (North Cascades 2x, and returned to Olympic) ClimbContinue reading “2021 Goals”

2020 Goals

Write two blog posts per month Read one book per month FaceTime Baker once/week (now that he’s getting older, this is more important and may be easier) Snowboard somewhere new (because the universe canceled the Swiss Alps and Revelstoke, Alpental was my only new mountain) Visit a new national park (Mount Rainier, North Cascades) ClimbContinue reading “2020 Goals”

Seattle: Week 9

Day 63: Considering it’s been two weeks since I’ve written, you’d think that I’m off doing exciting things. That’s only partly true; I’ve just also been really busy with a freelance project that was due last week and consistent nannying gigs. A few notable items from the past two weeks: I joined a flag footballContinue reading “Seattle: Week 9”

Seattle: Week 7

Day 43: Soooo I missed a week of blogging cuz I was deep in magazine deadlines. Mostly met my deadlines, and even got a day of snowboarding in. Today was a looong day watching two energetic toddlers while their parents packed up a moving truck. Fortunately the weather was really nice so we could walkContinue reading “Seattle: Week 7”

Seattle: Week 5

Day 29: Got up early to run in Seattle’s 35th annual St. Patrick’s Day Dash. I guess it’s the first fun run to ever run the Seattle viaduct — the one I ran on in January before they started tearing it down. Unfortunately I didn’t bring money or an ID with me, so I couldn’tContinue reading “Seattle: Week 5”

Seattle: Week 4

Day 22: I flew in late last night and spend the first night in my new apartment. My roommate Laura had borrowed an air mattress from her friend and pumped it up in my room for me – beats a hard floor or camping mat. Woke up to sunshine and beautiful views from our apartmentContinue reading “Seattle: Week 4”

Seattle: Week 3

Day 15: Since I finally finished my articles for Global Coffee Report, I took the day off to go snowboarding. First time snowboarding in Washington, first time at Snoqualmie and first time back on the slopes in 2+ weeks after a stint of snowboarding several times per week while I was on my road tripContinue reading “Seattle: Week 3”

Seattle: Week 2

Day 8: Despite another nice day, I spent it inside working at the KEXP Gathering Space. Ran to the gym for a workout, and then found my local Whole Foods on the way home. I actually think it might be the only one in the downtown area, which seems crazy since Seattle is a trendyContinue reading “Seattle: Week 2”

2019 Goals

Improve my mood (better sleep, smile more, eat better, vitamins, do things that make me happy, etc.) Get better sleep Move to Seattle Join a group or club in Seattle (joined flag football, active on Bumble BFF, joined three Meetup Groups) Get more serious about buying an investment property Write two blog posts per monthContinue reading “2019 Goals”

2018 Goals

It’s been five years since I last posted new year’s resolutions on my blog. As such, it’s safe to assume I didn’t quite hold myself accountable to all of that year’s goals. So, this year’s first goal will to be (1) recommit to annually sharing my goals and making a valiant effort toward achieving them.Continue reading “2018 Goals”

Author says there’s no place for alpha females in a relationship

As appeared on At first, it was my friend’s all-caps, double-exclamation-mark Facebook post that motivated me to look closer at the article she was sharing. But then it was the headline that fully pulled me in: “Society is creating a new crop of alpha women who are unable to love.” Finally, someone had definedContinue reading “Author says there’s no place for alpha females in a relationship”


December 4, 2016 I started writing a blog post after I returned from the jungle and arrived in Chile, the second country of my South American tour. But it went neglected and now a week has passed. In that time I’ve been exploring central Chile, with three days in capital city Santiago, an afternoon inContinue reading “Chile”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving, which generally means a few things for the average American: Be thankful, spend time with friends and family, and overindulge on food. For me, that’s about how it goes, with exception to being with my family. I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in more than a decade. Instead, I normally spend itContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Comfort & coffee

November 18, 2016 I knew the four nights with the rural Peruvian host family would push me outside my comfort zone, but I didn’t realize how much until I got here. I arrived with a friend of the family who can speak English and an intern at his company who also speaks English (and SpanishContinue reading “Comfort & coffee”

Muy difícil

November 12, 2016 Today was a hard day: physically, mentally and emotionally. On Friday we started our trek to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail. Despite being up late the night before, stressing about my heavy bag, I had energy and spirits were high among the group. Today was a bit different, though; we wereContinue reading “Muy difícil”

What am I worth?

The other day my boss asked me to think about what my long-term salary goals were. I was a bit caught off guard by the question… or request, rather… because my immediate thought was “More, of course. Why would I want it to stop?” She admitted being perplexed when her boss asked her the sameContinue reading “What am I worth?”

Lindsay’s LA Lists

Now, for lists of places to check out in Los Angeles curated by yours truly . . . My Top Picks in LA Greek Theater Camping in Joshua Tree Plan Check Hearst Castle Lemonade Malibu Wines Hearst Castle Hollywood sign hike Griffith Observatory Perch Camarillo Outlets Harvelle’s Beach camping Marina Del Rey Summer Concert Series TheContinue reading “Lindsay’s LA Lists”

118 Best of LA

In my nearly 10 years in Los Angeles so far, I’ve seen and done quite a bit, but there are definitely lots more places to check out. Here’s an aggregation of Los Angeles’ “best/hottest/top sites/places/things to see/visit/do,” largely courtesy of one of my favorite sites, Lists of my top picks and places not on the followingContinue reading “118 Best of LA”

Learning Swahili

My trip to Africa has been incredible, but those stories will have to wait for other posts. Instead, I want to share the Swahili I’ve been learning. I’ve been trying to speak it as much as possible to the people we encounter every day – from our taxi drivers and safari guide to coastal fishermanContinue reading “Learning Swahili”

Sotally Tober

Alcohol is weird. Yes, for the very fact it gets you drunk and makes you act ways and say things you never would sober. But also because of the way it makes you act and feel without it. And I’m not talking addiction levels here, like shakes and headaches and such (that’s a whole ‘notherContinue reading “Sotally Tober”

2013 Goals

I’m off to a better start this year, posting my goals in the first week of January (instead of March, like last year). My friend asked me to sum up 2012 in one word. At first I said accomplished, thinking of the bigger things that occurred – becoming a manager, 30th birthday, traveling to Australia –Continue reading “2013 Goals”

26 lives lost

Let’s just put aside all the gun-control debate and call it like it is: 26 people died on Friday in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – 20 of them were children. My good friend Austen said it better than I ever could in this heartfelt Facebook post . . . I’m not one forContinue reading “26 lives lost”

A Piece of Cake: A Memoir

I just finished reading this inspirational book about a woman who overcame the death of a parent, childhood abuse, rape, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, miscarriage, hustling, drug dealing, gang-banging, near-death injuries, prostitution and homelessness all before turning 20. After all that, she went back to school, graduated and passed the bar exam. Today, she’s a successful lawyerContinue reading “A Piece of Cake: A Memoir”

Recipes I love

I’m not a cook by any means, and I envy those people who can whip up a dish with a few random ingredients. There are a few recipes, though, that I really love and love making. Most of them are borrowed from my mom, who probably borrowed them from other people. Each time I makeContinue reading “Recipes I love”

Gone fishing . . .

I joined Plenty of Fish… wait, let me rephrase that… My girlfriend signed me up for Plenty of Fish against my will several months ago. I had always been skeptical of online dating sites: partly because of all the horror stories I’d heard, partly because I’m not confident in humankind enough to believe there aren’t creepsContinue reading “Gone fishing . . .”

The Conspiracy Theory

“So Lindsay, I have this conspiracy theory I think you should blog about.” “Oh yeah? Let’s hear it.” “I really think car companies have the technology and knowledge to create more fuel-efficient cars, they just don’t because it would ripple across so many political alliances and industries. If you think about it, there’s a gasContinue reading “The Conspiracy Theory”

2011 Goals

I sit here, finally writing my annual goals blog post and it just dawned on me that tomorrow is already January 15. How did that happen?! Not only can I not believe that the month is already half over, but I also can’t believe that I’m writing about my New Year’s resolutions two weeks into theContinue reading “2011 Goals”

The antiguy post

How many guys actually think and act using the head on their shoulders? Unfortunately, in my years of befriending, dating and having sexual relations with the opposite sex, I have found that most of the guys out there only think using the head in their trousers. And the guys that are not called to actionContinue reading “The antiguy post”

The climb

Been in a bit of a funk on and off this weekend, feeling kinda blue, lonely, confused, reflective. And then I watched The Last Song (yeah, the chic flick with Miley Cyrus). It was actually really good, but it made me kinda sad. It’s a sad story and one that struck a chord with meContinue reading “The climb”

Exhale love

Thanks to research done by Harvard University social scientist Nicholas Christakis and UC San Diego professor James Fowler, we now have evidence that proves “You are the company you keep.” Well, OK, their studies were a bit more scientific than that, but they basically proved that personal qualities and characteristics spread amongst social networks –Continue reading “Exhale love”

My bucket list

Being the planner that I am, I’ve already been thinking about things I want to do in 2011. But it’s too early to post a 2011 goals list like I did for 2010 in one of my opening blog entries. So instead, I’m going to post my bucket list, which actually includes many of theContinue reading “My bucket list”

Bums me out

The other day I posted a status update on Facebook – something I’m known for doing quite frequently – not really expecting a response or caring if anyone commented on it. The status was regarding an encounter I’d just had with a homeless person outside my favorite 7-11 in Santa Monica. The incident wasn’t uncomfortableContinue reading “Bums me out”

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