Seattle: Week 9

Day 63: Considering it’s been two weeks since I’ve written, you’d think that I’m off doing exciting things. That’s only partly true; I’ve just also been really busy with a freelance project that was due last week and consistent nannying gigs. A few notable items from the past two weeks: I joined a flag football league that plays every Saturday near my house, I got back into the dating scene (via Bumble) and went on a few dates, and I took a little two-day road trip over to the Olympic Peninsula, where I stayed in a cute little Victorian beach town and then explored a sliver of Olympic National Park.

Today is Easter, and my roommate hosted brunch. I ended up making my favorite quiche and inviting my old coworker who lives in Bellevue – my first visitor to the apartment! It was a nice time with six of us and lots of yummy food. I’d given up sweets for Lent, so I was happy to have some of the macarons my friend brought. Afterward, a few of us went to a local brewery and sat outside in the sunshine. I spent the evening watching Netflix and building my nightstand. That’s also something notable from the past two weeks: I finally got bedroom furniture!

Day 64: I got a last-minute babysitting job for today, so I was there from 12-5 pm. Despite the boy being a bit bratty and super undeveloped for a 3 year old, it was an easy enough job. I did some freelance work during his 2.25-hour nap. I got my Global Coffee Report assignments for the Jul/Aug issue, so that work starts up again. I was supposed to have a date with a new guy tonight, but he forgot about some prior commitments so we rescheduled to tomorrow. So instead I got in a good workout running to and from a gym sesh. Then easy dinner and more Netflix while assembling bedroom furniture.

Day 65: Conference call to finish up a freelance project and then most of the day spent assembling my dresser. Man did it take forever! Then a quick run in the nice weather before I had to head out the door for a Bumble date. I met him at a pub in Capitol Hill for trivia, which was a great idea. We had a lot of fun despite coming in very last – worst team earned a Rainier tallboy though! He’s nice, but not sure I see a future with him…

Day 66: Today was a long day of work. Six hours with the boy I normally watch on Tuesdays; another day of sunshine so we walked to the park. After I stopped in my gym nearby for a quick workout and shower, and then caught the bus to a second nannying job for the evening. I was planning on bussing home, but I was tired and didn’t feel like messing with it. This family, which books me weekly, is just a bit too far to make the bus work.

Day 67: Six hours with my normal Thursday boy. We walked to the animal shelter that afternoon because the sun was out, but it got really windy on the way back. His mom encourages me to take him out, so I’m looking forward to get out and about the city with him. I was supposed to have a second date with a Bumble guy from last week, but he forgot about plans with his brother. I was actually happy to have the evening free; I went for a long-ish run around Queen Anne and then ate dinner in front of Netflix. I’ve been binging on the new American Crime Story while building my bedroom furniture.

Day 68: I left my schedule open today so I could assemble the last piece of bedroom furniture and get my room situated. The bed frame and headboard ended up being the easiest of all the furniture to put together. I really like the wood color, but unfortunately it doesn’t match my nightstand and dresser. Doh! Nothing I can do now that everything is assembled… I set up my room, unpacked the rest of my boxes and rearranged my closet. The last thing I have to do is hang up my artwork and decor. I’m excited to be so close to settled into my apartment. I going to hit the gym but the weather was so nice, I went for a run down to Olympic Sculpture park and made up a workout there in the sunshine with a beautiful view of the Sound. Afterward, I caught the bus over to Capitol Hill for a late one-off babysitting job. Again, I didn’t end up messing with the bus after finishing super late, so I ordered a Lyft.

Day 69: I slept late today and then lounged around before doing some chores and getting ready for football. The team we played ended up using subs from the team that beat us last week, which didn’t seem fair. Needless to say we lost, though only by four points after a strong second half. I made two catches, but one was out of bounds in the end zone. Oops! The weather was beautiful before and during the came, but once we finished a storm rolled in and it started raining. I ducked into the grocery store for some much-needed groceries, and the sun was back out on my walk home. While I was in the grocery store, I guess the storm brought some strong winds with it that knocked over a crane on top of a new building in Google’s South Lake Union campus, and it came crashing down onto cars below. Four people died! It made international news and the streets are all closed off down there. I first learned of it simply because I was trying to drive through there on my way to a nannying job in Montlake (the weekly family that lives ever-so-slightly out of the city). I ended up having to drive really far out of the way and showed up late to work, but then later looked online to see what happened. Such a tragic incident!

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