Seattle: Week 7

Day 43: Soooo I missed a week of blogging cuz I was deep in magazine deadlines. Mostly met my deadlines, and even got a day of snowboarding in. Today was a looong day watching two energetic toddlers while their parents packed up a moving truck. Fortunately the weather was really nice so we could walk to the park and play in the backyard. The 2yo tripped and busted open his lip at the park, but otherwise it went fine. Afterward I had to unload my storage unit. Then found a cute restaurant in Capitol Hill to finish my LAST assignment and eat an early dinner.

Day 44: Nothing exciting today. Freelance call and work, unpacking, F45, dinner at home.

Day 45: Another nice day, so walked to KEXP to work. Because my apartment is sufficient for working and feels so far from everywhere I want to go, I haven’t been going there much. I originally thought I’d be there several days a week… took a conference call, which ended up being difficult because of the noice, and did some freelance work before heading to F45 for the last class of my trial. I really like the variety and the format of circuit training; wish it wasn’t so expensive.

Day 46: Today was a nice day, but also another long one. Work and errand in the morning, three-hour gig midday, then caught the bus downtown for the first of four gigs with a little girl who’s mom is in town from NYC for a conference. She’d booked me in advance for these days to entertain her kiddo during the trip. This first gig was a few hours in the evening with the three of us so her daughter could get used to me. Unfortunately she was exhausted and being super bratty. I hope this isn’t an indication of the days to come…

Day 47: Although Charlotte wasn’t happy when her mom left, I quickly got her distracted and we headed to the park since it was nice out (again!). She fell asleep in the stroller on the way, which made the next couple hours relaxing in the sun very nice. Playtime at the park, then dinner at home before mom returned.

Day 48: The rain started today, so I had to get creative with what to do with Charlotte. Once again she fell asleep in the stroller, so I hung out at KEXP for awhile. We spent the afternoon at the Children’s Museum, which is quite lame compared to Denver’s, and then caught the monorail back to their AirBnb. Venturing around the city with a kid in a stroller while it’s raining wasn’t so bad.

Day 49: More rain, but with rain gear, snacks and pull-ups in tow, we made the trek to the aquarium. Charlotte loooved it, so we easily filled up a few hours there. Afterward we ventured in the rain to Yardhouse for lunch, and then she fell asleep in the stroller on the way back. So I shopped and ran some errands to keep her napping as long as possible before we returned to the AirBnB just in time for her mom to return that afternoon. After three days of lugging the threenager and our gear around the city in the rain, I had a much greater appreciation for urban parents. It wasn’t unmanageable, though, and I didn’t mind it at all. In the afternoon, I headed over to the Seattle Center to watch the end of a flag football game in a league I joined. It was a last-minute sign-up as a way to meet people. I’m excited, but nervous because I haven’t played in awhile. Everyone was super nice and welcoming. Our next game is next Saturday.

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