Seattle: Week 5

Day 29: Got up early to run in Seattle’s 35th annual St. Patrick’s Day Dash. I guess it’s the first fun run to ever run the Seattle viaduct — the one I ran on in January before they started tearing it down. Unfortunately I didn’t bring money or an ID with me, so I couldn’t take part in the St. Patty’s Day festivities in the 21+ beer garden. Boo! The run start/finish were right down the street from my apartment, but man it sure felt far on the walk home… Spent midday deep cleaning the kitchen. I chickened out and never asked my roommate to help deep clean the apartment, so it filled up my day. Will have to tackle the bathroom another day ‘cuz I had to get a little freelance work in before walking to North Queen Anne for a babysitting gig, which ended up being an annoying four hours because the kids didn’t listen very well and their house is a mess.

Day 30: Up early and drove East of the city for a short morning childcare gig. Afterward I drove to Lexus of Bellevue, since there aren’t any in the city, for my biannual maintenance and to finally get my scratch buffed out. No luck on the latter and a super expensive service; on the bright side, I got a lot done working on their complimentary computers in the waiting room. Quick workout at the local 24 Hour Fitness before heading back into the city. Stopped in Capitol Hill to meet my “mentor” – that gal who’s trying to recruit me for her secret business club that I still have yet to understand. I ordered dinner while I waited, just for her to come in for 15 minutes, ask me about the book she made me read, tell me I progressed to the “next stage” and then peace out. Man, what a freakin’ waste of time. The weather was so nice today, but unfortunately I was stuck inside with my packed itinerary. Supposed to be in the 70s all week, so will have to take advantage!

Day 31: Typical Tuesday, or what seems to be my typical Tuesday in the short time I’ve been here… Full day with little Evan, gym, Whole Foods, home. The weather was really nice again, so I walked Evan and his dog Watson to the park. Opted to walk home from Whole Foods rather than bus since it’s so nice out. It’s about 25 minutes, but the hill is what gets ya.

Day 32: Few morning interview calls with Global Coffee Report and then other work throughout the day. Went for a long run in the warm weather this afternoon up the Elliott Bay Trail, which I hadn’t visited in a week or so. Turns out yesterday and today were record-breaking temps for Seattle, both historically and compared to other cities across the country. It has felt like summer! I got back from running at about 7 pm and made the game-time decision to go see Foals at the Paramount theater, so showered and ate a quick dinner before catching the bus down the street. It would have been about a 35 minute walk, which is doable, but the bus was literally a 5 minute walk and 5 minute ride. I was able to use my transfer slip for the ride back after the show. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention and missed my stop by a long-shot. I ended up in North Seattle and had to wait for a bus coming back the other way at midnight. The show was good but not as much as expected unfortunately. The theater is incredible inside, though.

Day 33: The temperature dropped overnight, so there was a bit of a chill in the air today – still sunny, though. I spent most of today nannying a new little boy who I’m hoping will turn into a regular Thurs gig. I hear I’m up against another gal… Stopped at Storyville Coffee in my neighborhood on the way home before signing up at F45 Training in Queen Anne. I took some classes in Denver, so am using the two-week trial here just to mix up my workout. Shower, dinner and work back at home.

Day 34: Was expecting to wake up to rain since it was in the forecast, but another day of sun! Took a conference call at 8 am and then walked to Storyville again to work some more before my 12 pm F45 class. Tonight I watched a couple kiddos in North Seattle. I’m being very particular about the jobs I take that require me to drive; here and there it’s not so bad as I get a hang of the city.

Day 35: Up and out the door for an 11 am F45 class, then an afternoon gig across town. Drive down to West Seattle after for a free performance by Citizen Cope at Eastside Records. It was short and standing room only on the sidewalk, but still neat. Took the opportunity to hang out while I was down there. Walked around in the sunshine and ate at a local brewery. Thinking about snowboarding tomorrow, but I have tons of writing to do and only one week left…

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