Seattle: Week 4

Day 22: I flew in late last night and spend the first night in my new apartment. My roommate Laura had borrowed an air mattress from her friend and pumped it up in my room for me – beats a hard floor or camping mat. Woke up to sunshine and beautiful views from our apartment balcony. I lazed about inside, got to know my roommate better and did some freelance work. Laura invited me to a firefighter charity event, so I went for a run and swung by the bar it was hosted at. I ended up having so much fun that I stayed out with her super late – mostly because I met a cute boy and we were dancing the night away to a fun cover band 🙂

Day 23: Less sunny today, but not too gloomy and no rain for most of the day. It started raining lightly at about 6 pm. Worked a bit and then met the firefighter for brunch (!) before he hit the road. Too bad he lives in Montana… Grocery shopped and then organized the kitchen a bit. It’s in dire need of a deep clean, so will propose that to my roommate this weekend. I hoped to pick some of my stuff up at the storage unit, but there was a hangup at the gym and I ran out of time. I had a babysitting gig at 6 pm; two well-behaved little kiddos.

Day 24: Gloom this morning and then lots of rain midday, but the sun ended up coming out in the afternoon. Babysat my little buddy Evan (from before I left Seattle in Feb). His mom wants me every Tues until they move in June. I had an interview with another family after, then gym, Whole Foods and bus home. I’m finding the long, steep walk back to my apartment is less than ideal. I fear my place is a bit too far from the places I want to go 😦

Day 25: Another sunny, rain-free day. Freelance work in the morning and then an in-person interview with another family. They live in West Seattle, and at first I was open to the opportunity just to get myself established and make some money in the short term, but I don’t think I want to make the regular drive out there after all. It’s only 5 miles away, but it’s not walking distance and a bit too inconvenient by public transit (plus they need me to transport the kiddos). I moved to Seattle to be in an urban city and refrain from using my car, so I need to actually stick with that… Attempted to go for a run in the green belt near their house, but it was too muddy from the rain the day before. Picked up a bunch of stuff from my storage unit, so looking forward to getting slowly set up in my apartment.

Day 26: More sunshine! Annoyingly distracted and unproductive morning, but got through a couple calls for freelance work midday. Went for a better run down to the Elliot Bay Trail and then wound back up into Queen Anne toward Trader Joes. It’s walking distance to my house, which is nice. Stocked up on more groceries and walked home.

Day 27: Suuuper early conference call with my branding agency gig. T a bit more freelance work after before walking down the street for a babysitting gig. The family’s apartment is tiny and the mom was home working, literally 5 feet away, so Taylor and I went for a nice long stroll around Queen Anne. Another beautiful day! Afterward I explored the stairs near my apartment, looking for a lengthy set that I could exercise on that compared to my fave Santa Monica stairs. Ended up along the trail on Lake Union (in Westlake) and explored up to the Fremont bridge. Didn’t realize Fremont was so close, tho might be a far walk. Happy to find another trail to run on!

Day 28: Babysitting gig in North Seattle — another one I agreed to even though it’s decently far (i.e. had to drive). I had planned a big Target run, though, and they’re in the same area, so it worked out. Spent the day playing with 8-year-old Cameron: Uno, badminton, puzzle, walk, board games. Quite the change from the typical babies I’m watching. Then had a big afternoon at Target stocking up on cleaning supplies and things I needed for my place. Two hours and $200+ hours later… Yikes! I hit a wall on the drive home, so decided not to go to karaoke with my roommate that night. Dinner, little freelance work and then bed.

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