Seattle: Week 3

Day 15: Since I finally finished my articles for Global Coffee Report, I took the day off to go snowboarding. First time snowboarding in Washington, first time at Snoqualmie and first time back on the slopes in 2+ weeks after a stint of snowboarding several times per week while I was on my road trip west. Unfortunately the snow was horrible – it was all ice – and only 1/3 of the small resort was open. It wasn’t very fun and I was finished within a couple hours. Next I’ll check out Crystal Mountain. Viewed my first room for rent tonight. Went well, but will decide after my other viewings over the next several days.

Day 16: Today was “Free Museum Day” in Seattle so I headed over to the Seattle Art Museum after two apartment viewings. I wasn’t stoked about either of them, unfortunately – I listed one as a maybe and one as definite no. The art museum had some neat exhibits, and that night was an Africa theme party. So I had a quick dinner and then went back for the party. There were speakers and live music performances – it reminded me of my amazing trip to Kenya several years ago.

Kijiji Night at Seattle Art Museum

Day 17: I had my first nannying gig today. This woman found me on UrbanSitter and is looking for 2x per week for her 5 month old son. I was there 6 hours and it went really well, so I’m happy to have a regular job arranged for when I get back to Seattle in March. Afterward I had another apartment viewing, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Then I met my
“new friend” from Day 1 out for coffee. She didn’t have any coffee, though, and instead basically interviewed me for this elite club that she won’t share much information about. Turns out my instincts were right about her trying to sign me up for something rather than wanting to form a friendship. Just have yet to learn what it actually is. Oh, and snow again today!!

Day 18: More snow today! I had an apartment viewing, so rather than trudge through the snow, I drove there on Seattle’s empty streets. The city truly shuts down when it snows, and these have been record snowfall levels. Lexi actually had trouble on a couple super steep streets covered in slushy wet snow. I liked this apartment, too, and the girl (who would be my roommate) is super nice. I could see myself becoming friends with her. Unfortunately because I drove there, I couldn’t get a good sense for how walkable the location is. Ran to the gym and it was closed because of the snow.

Day 19: One of my last appointments was today and the lady kept flaking on me. However, finally we were able to meet up around 3 pm. This is my favorite place by far. It’s a great price, has big rooms and great views. My friend (i.e. future roommate) and I are going to have to move quick if we want this one. Ran to the gym and this time it was open; however, it started snowing really hard on my way home. I watched a Prius pinball down a steep hill, ricocheting off another car and the median before sliding sideways through the intersection. Holy moly!

Day 20: More snow, if you can believe it! Second day babysitting little Evan and it went well again. Afterward I went and got a library card at the Seattle Public Library downtown and then walked to my last apartment viewing. Despite all the amenities this one came with, it was disappointing. I think I have my decision… My friend happened to be in town today/tonight for work, so I met up with him and his colleague for dinner. Then he and I had some great catch-up time afterward over drinks. It was a bit hard to find a bar open on a Monday night in the snowy weather.

Seattle Public Library – main downtown branch

Day 21: I had hoped to go to Crystal Mountain today, but the mountains were expected to get up to 10 inches and I just didn’t feel like driving in those conditions and sitting in the car for hours. (I also stayed up to late…) So instead I went to coffee with one of the guys who works at my hostel. He and I have become chatty over the past couple weeks, and so I can finally say I do have a friend in Seattle! Reached out to the property manager to start negotiations and move forward with that apartment I really liked, but turns out someone else viewed it the next day and already pulled the trigger. Nooooo! I’m so bummed because I loved that place and am no longer excited about any of the others. What do I do?! Packing and running errands the rest of the day, getting ready to head back to Denver for a couple weeks and then travel throughout Georgia for a week for work and leisure. Will be back to Seattle Mar 9 and pick up my journal then.

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