Seattle – week by week

I finally arrived to Seattle on January 22 after a full year of deciding on a city and continually pushing out my departure date. Each full day since I arrived, I started making mental notes of what I was observing and of my “firsts” as a resident in my new city. Considering I want to be more active on my blog (even if no one reads it but me), I decided to post a weekly update on how I’m faring.

Day 1: Rain in the morning, continued from the previous day but then no rain the rest of the day. Went on my first run; took me through at least 4 parks! All the moisture makes sidewalks, roads and trails slick with water, mud and moss/algea. Made my first grocery trip and my first friend! A gal at the store complimented me on my raincoat, and then ended up getting my number. I’m not convinced she won’t end up trying to recruit me for something…

Interlaken Park

Day 2: No rain today, just overcast. Found my local 24 Hour Fitness, my local REI (which is even more impressive than Denver’s!), and my local library.

Day 3: Sun!! Still chilly out, but no rain. I had my first visitor in town. Technically she’s up here for her husband’s interview with Amazon, but was happy to spend time with a familiar face, nonetheless. I really hope he gets it so they move up here! I also took public transit (i.e. bus) for the first time and used Lyft for the first time. Although the city is super walkable, it’s way bigger and more hilly than I remember, so walking is a bit more of an endeavor at times.

Day 4: I checked out of my first “residence” and moved into a hostel in Belltown that I stayed at during the visit to Seattle that got me hooked. I finally put all my stuff in storage, where it’ll stay during this short stint and while I’m traveling for three weeks. Also the first time I really had to scope out parking. Queen Anne seems to be a good residential area to leave Lexi and walk to Belltown. More sun today, so I made sure to go on the same run along the Sound that helped win me over 18 months ago. Then dinner and drinks with my “visitors.” Found a new rooftop bar and added another Fairmont Hotel to my list.

Puget Sound

Day 5: My friend introduced me to a great community space with lots of tables, couches and outlets. It also has a vinyl record stand and coffee bar with free sparkling water! Because it’s hosted by KEXP radio, great tunes are always playing and you can even see inside the DJ booth. Worked there all day today. Will be my new office for the foreseeable future.

KEXP Gather Space

Day 6: More work, and at my fave spot of course. Second grocery shopping trip, which was quite the task walking with all the bags.

Day 7: Semi-productive workday from the hostel. Made sure to finish by 3:00 so I could get outside on another sunny day. Ran further down the Elliott Bay Trail than I ever have. Made it to Smith Cove and Elliott Bay Marina; 7.5 miles RT.

View from north on Elliot Bay Trail – Mount Rainier in the distance

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