2018 Goals

Posted: 9.30.2011 in Goals

It’s been five years since I last posted new year’s resolutions on my blog. As such, it’s safe to assume I didn’t quite hold myself accountable to all of that year’s goals. So, this year’s first goal will to be (1) recommit to annually sharing my goals and making a valiant effort toward achieving them.

2) Blog at least 1x per week
3) Read 1 book or magazine per month
4) Find at least 2 more steady freelance gigs (Redbird writing and IBISWorld editing)
5) Run 2 miles per day, or total 730 for the year (result: 615 miles)
6) Visit gramps at least 1x per week
7) Hike a 14er, ideally in CO
8) Snowboard somewhere new
9) Visit a new national park (Great Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountain)
10) Move to a new city
11) Start donating blood again
12) Switch investments to index fund
13) Finally close dad’s estate