Q’s Billiard Club’s Mac & Cheese

I don’t ever have very high expectations when ordering “gourmet” mac and cheese at bars. This proved to be a good approach when ordering Q’s macaroni and cheese, because had I ordered it expecting an exceptional dish, I would have been gravely disappointed. The waitress told us it was good, but I sensed a bit of hesitancy or doubt in her voice – either because she’d never had it herself or because she didn’t think it was very good but didn’t want to deter us from ordering. I mean, it’s kinda against what she represents as a waitress to talk customers out of ordering food or to speak badly about her employer’s dishes.

The mac and cheese came out looking tasty, in an iron dish, creamy white cheese and topped with bread crumbs. The large elbow noodles were on the soft side, just the way I like them. Unfortunately, the goodness stopped there. The sauce was runny and lacked flavor. No creaminess, no gooeyness. I have no idea what kind of cheese was used because no flavors stood out. I’m guessing a lot of cream…?

I wouldn’t say the dish was gross by any means, but let’s just say we couldn’t finish it between the two of us and I wouldn’t order it again. For those reasons, this mac and cheese review ends here.

The place: Q’s Billiard Club
The dish: Mac & Cheese, $8
The ingredients: Large elbow noodles, cream sauce, bread crumbs, cheese (no idea what kind)
The verdict: This dish should be called Mac & Cream because I don’t actually know that cheese is an ingredient.

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