LA vs. NYC – Part 1


While this post is exactly what it seems – a comparison of the country’s two most-popular cities, a battle between West Coast and East Coast – on a deeper level, it’s a personal struggle I’m trying to work through as I decide which city I should live in. I’ve been offered two opportunities at the company I currently work for: 1) continue as editorial manager in the same business, but with a new team and in a new city, or 2) continue as editorial manager of the same team and in the same office, but for a new business that could grow exponentially.

Both options sound very appealing to me, and both are equally great opportunities for me. Similarly, I would be an asset to my employer in either position. So I stand at a crossroads, one foot pointed in each direction, with a very difficult decision to make. This potential multipart post is an attempt to sway myself one way or another.


Los Angeles: Pros

  • great weather
  • beach
  • access to outdoors/nature
  • bigger apartments
  • walk to work
  • walk to many amenities
  • laid back
  • access to snowboarding
  • less expensive than NYC
  • great food
  • great music scene

Los Angeles: Cons

  • poor public transportation
  • horrible traffic
  • takes forever to get anywhere
  • very spread out
  • still an expensive city
  • potential for earthquakes

New York City: Pros

  • good public transportation (and I love public transportation)
  • I always wanted to try living in a big city (it’s on my bucket list!)
  • walk to many amenities
  • could sell my car
  • save $75/mo on car insurance
  • save on gas money
  • new city to explore
  • great, accessible food
  • great music scene

New York City: Cons

  • limited access to outdoors/nature
  • going snowboarding would be difficult
  • limited 24 Hour Fitness gyms
  • very expensive
  • small apartments
  • probably wouldn’t be able to walk to work
  • couldn’t have a car (limited parking, wouldn’t want to drive there)
  • no Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.
  • grocery shopping is more difficult
  • limited grocery choices, limited produce
  • potential for hurricanes

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