A Piece of Cake: A Memoir

I just finished reading this inspirational book about a woman who overcame the death of a parent, childhood abuse, rape, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, miscarriage, hustling, drug dealing, gang-banging, near-death injuries, prostitution and homelessness all before turning 20.

After all that, she went back to school, graduated and passed the bar exam. Today, she’s a successful lawyer for a prestigious law firm. Reading her story was quite amazing and the book was filled with inspiration. So I’d thought I’d share some of it here.

If people are your friend because of where you live or what you have, they’re not your friends.

The hardest lessons learned are the best lessons learned.

The only time a woman is ready for a man in her life is when she doesn’t need one.

Love, real love, true unconditional love, transcends age, race and religious beliefs. It sees the good, focuses on the good and constantly emphasizes it.

Family doesn’t have to be people you’re related to. Family are people who love you – whoever that may be.

It’s okay to be afraid. It’s not okay to let the fear stop you.

Fear can mean one of two things: Fuck Anything And Run, or Face Everything And Recover.

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