Kickball Week 8 Recap

What’s three letters and ends in –n? While Ron is also correct, the answer I was actually looking for is fun. Fun is normally what kickball is. Fun is normally what Ron has every Wednesday night. But week eight’s game just wasn’t F-U-N for any of our players. In fact, gauging by the numerous posts on the league Facebook page and some of the e-mails exchanged among captains, it seems like a lot of the league’s players didn’t have fun last week.

Sports are competitive by nature and everyone loves winning, but I think many people in the league forget that we’re playing an elementary school sport in a social setting. While I can’t speak for WAKA, it seems reasonable to assume that the primary goal of starting the league ­– and for any player who joins – is to have fun. Scoring points, winning games, getting discounts on booze at Busby’s, going to other events and making new friends are all secondary or added bonuses.

Unfortunately, some players – and even entire teams – get too caught up in winning that their strategizing, competitiveness and intensity prevent other players and teams from accomplishing the primary goal of having fun. Of Ron’s team members who played last week, everyone played great and we had one of our strongest games offensively and defensively. But our efforts were ultimately fruitless. Not only did we not secure the win, but there was more drama on the field than a sorority house.

Instead of a game recap, I’m writing this as a call to all teams and players to make sure that three-letter word shows up on the fields more often. Let’s not forget that kickball is supposed to be fun. Smile more and encourage your players, even when they miss a catch or strike out. Don’t yell at the refs or other players. And refs, make good calls and stand by them. These simple things and more can all contribute to making the game and league fun – what they’re supposed to be. Play on!

Lindsay Holloway

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