Colorado, how I love thee

Let me count the ways . . .

320-plus days of sunshine a year. how easy it is to get a tan. camping. hiking. Rocky Mountain skiing and snowboarding. driving through the Continental Divide. four seasons. Aspen leaves changing color. no earthquakes. owning acreage. dirt biking in my yard. frogs croaking in our pond. seeing wildlife on a regular basis. summer BBQs. concerts at Red Rocks. parties at the Judys’ house. main street Evergreen. The Little Bear. ice skating and paddle boating on Evergreen Lake. getting ice cream at Baskin Robbins. leaving windows open at night. leaving cars and houses unlocked. driving North Turkey creek. Subarus. gas for $2.59. my family. my friends. Sophie. my queen-size, pillow-top mattress. my 15×20-foot room. spending the night at grandma and grandpa’s. grandma’s cooking. Jimmy John’s. Sonic. King Sooper’s. local breweries. taco bar at Jose O’Shea’s. $2.50 beers. art and craft fairs. KTCL. KBCO. downtown Denver. Fort Collins. Boulder. baseball games at Coors Field.

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